Adding a new Datto SaaS Protection client

IMPORTANT  This article does not apply to Backupify customers.

Adding (onboarding) a new Datto SaaS Protection client to your environment is an easy and straightforward process. This article describes the steps you perform to add a new client to a subscription.

IMPORTANT   It is recommended that you review this article in its entirety before performing the required tasks as you may need to obtain information from the client to complete certain steps.

To add a new Datto SaaS Protection client:

  1. In the Datto Partner Portal, select Status > SaaS Protection Status.
  2. Click Add SaaS Protection Client.

NOTE  The Add SaaS Protection Client button is available only to Admins. If you wish to make this function available to a technician at your company, contact Datto Technical Support.

  1. In the Add SaaS Protection Client dialog box, in the Select or create client list, do one of the following:
    • Select an existing client. If one of the products (M365 or Google Workspace) is currently being backed up for the client, the following information is prepopulated and cannot be changed:
      • Region Where Data is Stored:: Same region as the product currently being backed up.
      • Select Which Product will be Backed Up: The product that is not currently being backed up is selected automatically.
      • Select Commitment Term and Retention Type: Same subscription terms as the product currently being backed up.
      • Who will Manage this SaaS Protection Client: Same as the product currently being backed up.
      • Skip the remaining steps in this section and perform the steps in the Client Management section below (step 1 will be completed by default).
    • Select Create New to create a new client account. Important: You must select Create New. The box above Create New is a search box that allows you to search for an existing client.

      1. In the Create Client box, enter the client's name.
      2. For Is this a Not for Resale account, No is selected by default. If applicable, select Yes.
      3. Continue to step 4.
  2. In the Region Where Data is Stored list, select the region where the client's backups should be stored. The client may have policies regarding this. Datto's cloud servers are located in each of the regions listed.

NOTE  You cannot change the client's storage location after the account has been created.

  1. For Select which product will be backed up, select G Suite.
  2. In the Select commitment term and retention type list, select the applicable subscription combination. For subscription information, see the article Understanding the pricing model.
  3. Perform the steps in the Client Management section below.