How do I check where my cloud data Is stored?

How do I check where Datto SaaS Protection stores my cloud data?


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On the Status page of your Datto SaaS Protection account, note the node URL under Account.


The prefix in the node URL identifies the geographic location of the data center where your cloud data is stored. You can either match the URL with the provided chart or geolocate the node URL. The example in figure 1 shows a node URL prefix of use, which identifies it as hosted in the United States.

New and legacy platform information and information

The new platform for Datto SaaS Protection is a more durable and reliable. The data from the new platform is replicated in the same datacenter and does not currently replicate to a secondary location.

Datacenter locations using the new platform are marked with an asterisk (*) on the table below.

Prefix Location
aue Australia
aus Australia
c7 USA
cae1* Canada
cal Canada
caw Canada
des1* Germany
dew Germany
dlt USA
gbe United Kingdom
gbe2* United Kingdom
isw Iceland
rkv Iceland
syd Australia
tor Canada
uk United Kingdom
use United States
use1* United States
usw United States