Getting acquainted with Datto SaaS Protection

This section provides basic information about Datto SaaS Protection for M365 and introduces you to the application's features.

Administrator requirements

This section includes information for managing accounts, describes subscription options, and explains how to become a Datto SaaS Protection partner.

Managing your organization environment

The focus of this section is on the tasks you perform to manage your organization environment, such as adding new organizations, examining backup information, and working with licenses.

Managing service seats

In this section, you'll find information and procedures for managing service seats, such as changing seat status, adding seats, and deleting archived users and backups.

Restoring or exporting data

This section describes recovery information and includes the procedures for recovering and restoring data.


Additional administrator tasks

This section includes information for managing additional administrators, providing an organization with administrative access, and other administrative tasks.

Additional resources

In this section you'll find information for using the Online Help system.


Search the troubleshooting library for answers to your SaaS Protection questions.

Release notes

Learn about new Datto SaaS Protection features, product enhancements, and application fixes.