Canceling SaaS Protection services

IMPORTANT  This article does not apply to Backupify customers.

This article includes the details and procedure for canceling an organization's SaaS Protection services.

For details about the events that occur when a protected domain's name changes, refer to What happens when my domain name changes?

Cancellation details

There are a number of details to consider before you cancel an organization's SaaS Protection services:

  • Partner-managed and organization-managed accounts can only be canceled by you, the MSP. Organizations do not have the ability to cancel their accounts.
  • An administrator can cancel organization accounts in the Datto Partner Portal for only those organizations not currently in a one-year commitment.
  • When the cancellation process is completed, the organization's account is canceled immediately.
  • Backups will no longer be performed for the organization.
  • All backups that currently exist for the organization are destroyed.
  • When you cancel SaaS Protection for an organization, all other SaaS products associated with the organization, such as SaaS Defense, will also be canceled.

NOTE  To cancel an active one-year commitment subscription, contact your Datto Sales Executive or Success Representative. Canceling an active one-year commitment subscription will not decrease your committed license amount.

Cancellation Tasks

There are two main tasks in canceling a organization's SaaS Protection services: canceling the organization's subscription and deleting the Backupify app from the organization's environment. However, deleting the Backupify app is optional.

Canceling the subscription

To cancel an organization's SaaS Protection services:

  1. On the SaaS Protection Status page, click Licenses.

NOTE  Only users with the Admin role can access the Licenses page.

  1. In the License Usage Details table, for the applicable organization, click at the end of the organization row.
  2. Select Cancel Subscription(s).
  3. In the Cancel Subscription(s) dialog box:
    1. Verify you are canceling the subscription for the correct organization.
    2. Select the check box for the subscription you want to cancel. If you select SaaS Protection, the Saas Defense check box is automatically selected. If you want to cancel only SaaS Defense, select only the Saas Defense check box.
    3. Select the Reason for Cancellation.
    4. In the box below Reason for Cancellation, enter CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION (not case-sensitive).
    5. Click Cancel Subscription(s).
    6. In the Cancel Subscription(s) confirmation dialog box, click Close.

IMPORTANT  If a organization has separate Datto SaaS Protection accounts, one for M365 and one for Google Workspace, the steps above must be performed twice: once to cancel one account and then again to cancel the other account.

Deleting the Backupify app

While removing the app is optional, we recommend you do so to ensure a clean installation in the event you decide to protect the endpoint again in the future.

To delete the Backupify app:

  1. Log into the M365 Admin Center.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Azure Active Directory.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Enterprise Applications.
  4. In the list of applications, click Backupify.
  5. In the Manage section of the Backupify navigation pane, click Properties.
  6. At the top of the Backupify Properties page, click Delete.
  7. In the Delete Backupify confirmation box, click Yes.