What happens when my domain name changes?

This article describes the potential impact to your SaaS Protection backups if a protected domain's name changes.

NOTE  For details about the events that occur when canceling SaaS Protection service, refer to Canceling SaaS Protection services.


  • Datto SaaS Protection


We do not recommend renaming domains that are protected by Saas Protection. If you rename an existing protected domain, SaaS Protection will view the change as the addition of an entirely new domain and the following events will occur:

  • Existing backups for all of the old domain's users will stop at the date and time of the rename.

  • Seats will continue to be used for the old domain

  • New, separate backups, effective from the date and time the new domain was added to SaaS Protection, will start for all protected users.

  • Additional seats will be used for the new domain.

  • Canceling service for the original domain will result in the loss of all historical backups prior to the protection of the new domain.